Addendum to the Beveled Quilt Template Review

This is an addendum to the beveled quilt template review I did this past summer.
About a month ago I got an email from one of my online quilting friends. She said she ordered  1/4” quilt templates from Teryl Loy Enterprises and they arrived without the beveled edge. I emailed Teryl to find out what happened.

a picture of the beveled inside edge template
1/4″ Beveled quilt template by Teryl Loy Enterprises

Teryl said that she has backed away from beveling her 1/4” quilt templates primarily from a cost/ business standpoint ( I do believe that her 3/8” templates still have the bevel). With the availability of sewing machine companies offering ruler feet, after market companies (Westalee and Accents in Design’s Clarity foot) and now APQS putting out a new re-design of their ruler foot, they feel that 90% of quilters may not desire/ need the 1/4” beveled edge quilt template . I am sure it is very costly to manufacture these templates. Any good business person has to weight cost to demand ratios, so I totally understand that too.

If there are quilters that want 1/4”  beveled quilt templates  , Teryl said she could do that on a special order basis with a slight surcharge.  Just give her a call (don’t try to order online). The 1/4” circle templates with a beveled edge are still on Teryl Loy Enterprises website ,  I would just verify availability before ordering.

I am currently working on a quilt that I am doing a chevron pattern. I would have loved the 1/4″ beveled right angle template to get that extra clearance to the right of my ruler foot.  Teryl’s website says the 3/8″ quilt templates are not compatible with HandiQuilter . Consequently I suspect that they will not be compatible with my current APQS ruler foot and domestic sewing machines.
So,  as sit-down quilters do you think a bevel would make any difference to your clearance around your ruler foot? Or is the clearance issues largely related to your machine and not so much your foot (if so what machine are you using).

I am anxiously tracking the arrival of my new APQS ruler foot. Hopefully I will be getting great clearances to the right of my foot using a standard 1/4″ template.
Happy Quilting!

Free Motion Swirling Flowers


I am finally carving out a bit of time up in my sewing room. After much doodling I decided on doing some free motion swirling flowers in the white background areas. I used a modified flower embroidery design in the center of each block and I was looking for something that  just “felt right” . Two of some of the talented people I follow for free motion quilting inspiration are Lori Kennedy at the and Patsy Thompson’s wonderful tutorials on YouTube, her site and both of their Craftsy classes . They are two of the most talented, creative quilters out there. I feel that the free motion swirling flowers were a direct result of Lori’s Dizzy Daisy motif and Patsy Thompson’s Plumify technique  from her Ultimate Free-Motion Feathers  on Craftsy . I love the movement in Patsy’s Plumify and at the same time love all the swirls thrown in on Lori’s Dizzy Daisy. The addition of the swirls, “Cs” and echo quilting make this an easy fill that is so pretty.

a picture ofFree motion flower swirls done in 40 wt Glide
I normally try to change the direction of the swirls, but my camera battery was dying while I was stitching……just too much distraction!

I thought I would do a quick tutorial on what I’m currently doing on this quilt……before time passes and I have to scratch my head and figure out the motif again! I will also add the drawing to my notebook of quick  designs that I like. It’s amazing when you thumb through how many you forget about!
I am loving the texture that the quilting is bringing to the white background areas on my quilt. Is it quilted to death?…..You bet!…. But if that isn’t your thing, simply change up the scale to a larger motif and cover even more real-estate on your quilt more quickly.

a picture of the free motion flower swirls and the texture it creates on my quilt
Close up of the texture this motif has on my white on white background

I hope all of you guys are getting in some great quilting time- I have sure missed talking with you all!


What do Quilters do when they are not quilting?

So what does a quilter do when she’s not quilting???
Lots of other sewing projects !!!
Today I’m linking up with Thank Goodness it’s Finished Friday for my recent finishes.

At the beginning of the summer I had an informal “to do” list for things that just needed doing around my home. Well, as we all know,  life is unpredictable. My list went down the ole crapper – which is okay-nothing like a few wake-up calls to remind you what is important……
Then life begins to return to “normal” (not sure if my life could ever really be described as that 😉 ). I began to look around and things that weren’t important a few short months ago, started to bug me again.

By late August / early September I began attacking things that were on my list. While I have quite a few things that will have to wait until after the holidays , my TGIFF is a hodgepodge of finishes from painting to yardwork to various sewing projects. I will spare you all the gory details and highlight a few sewing improvements that have been nagging at me.picture of box cushion on wicker couch


  • A new box cushion for my little outdoor wicker sofa.  Here in Florida we are just heading into our prime outdoor season ( the cute bird pillow was from the clearance bin at Lowes) . But I learned a lot about outdoor fabric. I made another cushion out of Sunbrella fabric in the past, but it didn’t hold up. Turns out that Sunbrella fabric comes in different outdoor ratings- according to how much direct sun the fabric will take (and don’t forget the UV upholster thread) . This time I ordered marine/ awning quality Sunbrella fabric. Not the easiest to make welting out of, but I’m hoping it will last a bit longer.
picture of a long over due sewing project - my 2 dogs Bella and Evie resting on their new beds
Bella and Evie
  • My beloved doggies were in need of new dog bed covers. I was going to photo before and after photos, but I was afraid you would think my whole house looked like their poor old beds 🙂 lol . Seeing them sleeping on their beds just makes me smile.
finished silk lampshade sewing project
Finished silk lampshade…Why would I ??? Because I can I guess!
  • I needed a new lampshade for this cute little lamp that I bought in an antique store years ago. I looked everywhere for the right size replacement shade. One evening my daughter asked what the big deal was- it’s fabric- you sew – make one…Well a few YouTubes later,  a dig through my fabric stash and I was committed. I learned a lot about things I would do again or not if I absolutely couldn’t find a new shade. But I am here to tell you~ I now know why you pay a lot of money for an odd size silk lampshade !!!! I think I am ready to pay the big bucks and check that off my list the next time! I hope this one lasts a long time too!
    A picture of angela W@alters teaching a free motion quilting class
    Angela Walters

    Finally, I squeezed in a 2 day class with Angela Walters at our local guild. I really liked her and her class. I have watched her Craftsy classes, but she is lovely ,inspiring lady in person. She is so down to earth and makes everyone feel welcome and  able to tackle that next quilt ~ it just makes you happy. It is what we hope we are to everyone we meet- inspiring, kind, encouraging .

As we are heading into Thanksgiving here in the USA , I am so thankful for my wonderful life, family and good friends.  I wish you the same wherever you may be. I have missed blogging with you all so please jump in and share what you have been up to. Link up  below and don’t forget to spread that Linky thankfulness around!
With an Attitude of Gratitude,
Love and Hugs ,

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Quilt Back Clean Up

a picture of quilt back clean up Do you all have a lot of pesky fraying threads making your quilt back clean up a dog? Cleaning up the back of my quilt after I have finished piecing is one of my least favorite things to do.  I know it is so important to the the quality of my finished quilt but when I finish the top, I am biting at the bit to get to the quilting stage.
This isn’t my first rodeo- I have made light colored quilts before, but never with this much contrasting color (black and red) butting up against stark white. I have fished my fair share of rogue threads showing through the finished quilt with my trusty fine thread hook- no fun at all.  The fabric is  a decent brand and therefore supposedly, decent quality.  But even so ,does it seem to you guys that most fabrics fray more than they did 10 years ago? Or am I just tough on my quilts when piecing?  I know I love the feel of fabric,  but I swear, I’m not rolling around the floor with my completed quilt blocks (now there’s a visual  🙂 !)- but they sure do look like it!

I do do the obvious and clean up each block when it’s completed.… more or less. My real aha moment or thought is that in the future (and I do have another white background quilt in the horizon) I will dig out my pinking shears and trim up some of those seams after piecing the block but before piecing those blocks together into a quilt top. I am a slow learner, but I think this may help when using white against high contrast colors. I can’t see me doing that all the time, but I would have saved a couple days in prep (and an extra trip to the dollar store for more tape lint rollers) if that aha moment came a little earlier .
I started to try and use my pinking shears on this top, but felt that I was courting disaster. The pinking shears are just too big and bulky to use after the top is assembled. The risk of accidentally cutting my top was a real possibility I could so see me doing.

Am I the only messy-Bessy out here? Do you think our fabrics fray more these days?  Do you mind the quilt back clean up? What is your routine to have minimal fraying at the end of the quilt top construction? Do you starch the devil out of your fabric and just resolve yourself that you will wash the quilt top when your done? Inquiring minds want to know!….
Happy Quilting my Friends !
Fraying in Florida
(aka, Debbie 🙂 )