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Free Sharon Schamber’s Freeform Feathers DVD Give-Away

This week I have a FREE give-away- Sharon Schamber’s Domestic-Basic FreeForm Feathers from Purple Daisies Quilting (for those of you who don’t know, Cristy Fincher owns Purple Daises and she is Sharon Schamber’s daughter).                                                                                     But there’s a catch….

a picture of Sharon Schamber Domestic-Basic Freeform Feathers DVD instructional video
Sharon Schamber’s Domestic-Basic Freeform Feathers DVD

I would appreciate the quilting community’s input.

a picture of a quilt top from Alex Anderson's Scrap Quilting book
A variation of “seeing Stars” from Alex Anderson’s book Scrap Quilting

I have a small quilt that I had made from Alex Anderson’s book Scrap Quilting. It is going to be a table topper- for my kitchen table. I really like how the quilt top turned out, but I have had quilters block when it has come to quilting it! As you can see I have doodled on paper….oodles of doodles
I have made xerox mark-ups to do more doodling …..

xerox print-outs of saw toothblock
xerox print out of saw tooth block

I have used my Plexiglas piece to doodle some more

a picture of a quilt topper with Plexiglas on top with doodles to figure out free motion quilting design options

…..I just don’t know……
I am torn between an all-over edge to edge design (hum..I could do freeform feathers :)…), or focusing on the piecing while quilting.

Maybe I just need to jump in and quilt the darn thing!
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Good luck and Happy Quilting !!

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Block of the Month Linky Party

Today I am hooking up with Lynette at What a Hoot Quilts. Lynette holds a Linky Party every Monday called BOMs Away. I came across her blog one night and thought this is another great way to get some of those block of the month projects going. I have had the Nancy Halvorsen  Count on It  kits for years. In keeping with my New Years Resolution to actually use some of the stuff hanging out in my sewing room closet, I thought this Linky Party just might be the motivation I need to get a few of those BOM going!

a picture of August block of the month wall hanging applique from the book Count on it by Nancy Halvorsen
The month of August mini quilt from the book Count On It by Nancy Halvorsen

I live in southwest Florida, so we do not get a lot of season here, so I change out my quilts and decorate to bring a little sense of season into my home. It is all fused down, now I just got to get going and stitch my applique down and quilt her ! Thanks Lynette for getting me going!

Free Motion Quilting Twisted Designs

I am sorry I’m a little late in getting this post out to you all. My lovely niece Erica has been visiting this week from western North Carolina and I have no excuse except that I have been playing and enjoying her company !

A picture of free motion quilting twisted  diamond design with pebbling in alternating diamonds stitchded in Superior Threads 60 wt. Bottom Line thread
free motion quilting twisted diamond design with pebbling stitched in Superior Threads 60 wt. Bottom Line thread

This is the last blog post in the free motion quilting  twisted design series. I was going to do another video, but in all honesty ….. I think you probably get the idea 🙂 . You can basically do any geometric shape with this free motion quilting technique, rulers just make your job so much easier!

a picture of twisted diamonds with pebbles drawn in-between

I think drawing always gets my  mojo going !  It’s interesting how different  the same design looks or feels  with different background fills in between.

a picture of a drawing of twisted diamonds with a fine line fill pattern in-between diamonds
I have also been seeing a lot of hexagons on quilts lately….what a great way to quilt them! Sometimes when I see those odd shapes I struggle to come up with ideas on ways to quilt them. I hope this is a free motion quilting design that you can file away in the ole memory banks to pullout next time you need something to fit unique spaces while adding great texture and movement.

a picture of a hexagon quilted using free motion quilting twisted design
twisted hexagon stitched in 40 wt Glide thread

Lastly I played with doing a fill on a heart shape. Granted it’s not a geometric shape, but I figured with all the curves of a heart, if I can fill this with this technique I think it shows you can use it to fill in anywhere around appliqués, embroideries, whatever!

a picture of a heart drawn on frabic that has lines drawn showing the segments that will later become a free motion quilting twisted design
using a curved ruler, I segmented the heart to create the framework for my design

I played with the heart for a while, and I have to say on really curvy spaces I found that using a curved ruler really made my job easier. I used the Accents in design 6 1/2″ ruler (the smallest curved ruler I own) and used it to divide my heart up into manageable pieces.
The top rounded curves of the heart required a little “fudging” as the angle of the curve is a little different and needs to be worked into the angle of whatever curved ruler you are using. I did play with using a straight ruler, but had to make my sections smaller, and felt that it looked a little more choppy.

a picture showing a free motion quilting twisted design in a heart stitched with Floriani 40 wt polyester variegated
free motion quilting twisted design in a heart stitched with Floriani 40 wt polyester variegated thread

I hope you have enjoyed these twisted designs. I love the way they look and felt it was great way to practice free motion quilting ruler work. Have you given this technique a try yet? Do you think you have a quilt that could use this motif  ??
Happy Quilting!

a picture of a free motion quilting Zentangle © paradox design (motif)

Twisted Squares Free Motion Quilting Ruler Work

I hope you all are having a great week and had a little time to at least draw out the Twisted Triangles from last weeks blog post and give them a spin (ugh! I know bad pun 😉 ) ! This week  I am doing Twisted Squares free motion quilting ruler work.  I absolutely love this design. It has so much movement and just looks so graceful to me. It makes a great background fill and these designs can be as small or as large as you want them to be!

I have seen an article while digging around on the internet that this design is called Rick’s Paradox  created by Maria Thomas ( a professional calligrapher ) and Rick Roberts( a former monk) as a form of meditation . If you have time you may want to look up their story- kinda interesting.  I love the whole Zentangle© design thing. So many of them lend themselves to our free motion quilting. There are a couple of really awesome websites that can lend some inspiration to our doodling and stitching. is one definitely worth checking out .

I feel like I am learning and growing so much as a quilter as a direct result of my blog. I hope you enjoy Twisted Squares free motion quilting ruler work as much as I enjoyed stitching them out to show!

Thanks for stopping by,
Happy Quilting,
Debbie 🙂

PS: I am not paid or employed by Accents in Design Fine Line Rulers. They are just a product that I love and believe in.

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