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This past week I helped my son move to Richmond Va to start a new job… Sigh… What a crazy summer this has been!! I have been away from home for weeks at a time for various reasons and am longing for some quilt therapy.

I was catching up on my email  and I am in awe of the wonderful  amount of creative sharing that goes in our quilty worlds.  Jill McDaniel  is a talented quilter who also quilts on an APQS George. Jill has shared  wonderful tips in the past and  this one was  for a Pinmoor DIY alternative . I have seen the Pinmoor video put out by Leah Day. Pinmoors  look like it could be a really quick way to pin-baste a quilt without cramping up your fingers fastening and unfastening all those quilt pins. However,  $34 for 100 pin toppers made me think more then twice about how much I really wanted to try them…….Enter Jill…….A picture of flops flops from walmart with a price tag of 98 cents in bright green that will make several hundred Pinmoor DIY alternative pin covers

Jill felt the same  about the cost of these little do-dads, so she had tried different types of foam but they were not performing the way she had hoped. While shopping in Target and thinking about another source/type of foam for the ends of the Pinmoor  DIY alternative she looked down at her feet and realized she was wearing flip flops……foam!!!

a picture showing the thickness of the flip flops
These flip flops are 1/2 inch thick

Initially she purchased a pair of children’s flip flops and cut them up into little squares. They held up beautifully to pin basting a quilt . Jill also loves how easy they are to remove as you free motion quilt.
After going to  Walmart and buying an adult  XL pair of flip flops for .98 cents, Jill said she ended up with about 300 Pinmoor knock offs that  work great! That many Pinmoors would cost $101.85 plus shipping!!!  I shared Jill’s pictures so you can see for yourself this creative idea.

picture of diy pin basting covers
DIY Pin basting covers!!!

I also agree with supporting small business whenever possible, but this is such a simple solution with huge savings that I had to pass this on.
I can’t wait to give these a try- I have several quilts calling my name 🙂 I hope you will too. Drop us a line and let us know how they worked for you!
Thanks  for sharing Jill !!!

12 thoughts on “Pinmoor DIY Alternative

  1. I’ve been using Pinmoors for several years. Yes, they are pricey, but they work so well.
    I tried cutting up a hard white eraser into suitable shapes, and they work, but not quite as well. The cylindrical Pinmoors are easier to grab and hold on the pin better. My biggest problem is my dogs love them and will nibble them off the pins if I don’t watch them. Then I find them out in the garden, after going through the dog.

  2. Hi from the UK – a cheap pack of ear plus also work! And, if you’re ultra thrift, cut them in half!!

    1. Hi Nancy,
      I asked Jill what she cut these with and she said mostly mostly used her Costco kitchen shears.She also used a Fiskars craft blade to cut strips, and that worked pretty well too.
      Hope this helps!
      Thanks for commenting,

      1. HI, Well as much as I would like to say I like your idea for a DYI for my Pinmoors, it would be hard for me to do so.
        My Pinmoors are Made in America… That is why they are more costly than flip flops from China!
        I worked so hard to come up with a product one would never have to replace. Making it a bargain really. All things Quilting are so expensive.
        Thanks anyway!!!

        1. Hi Loretta,
          I appreciate your point as the creator of Pinmoors- I would certainly feel the same if I developed them. It was not my idea for the DYI version, but none the less, I passed it along. I am sure there is a huge difference in quality and I respect that they are made in America. I have had people write and state that they just love your Pinmoor product. I also know that for some people the flip flop version may be the best option for them.

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  4. Straight line designs that are spirographish, I’ve seen one previously on the accents in design home page. I emailed them and they directed to your tutorials under learning tab. I have watched the fan, twisted square but don’t see the spirographish designs. Is there a post date to look at or where are those tutorials?

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