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Free Motion Swirling Flowers


I am finally carving out a bit of time up in my sewing room. After much doodling I decided on doing some free motion swirling flowers in the white background areas. I used a modified flower embroidery design in the center of each block and I was looking for something that  just “felt right” . Two of some of the talented people I follow for free motion quilting inspiration are Lori Kennedy at the theinboxjaunt.com and Patsy Thompson’s wonderful tutorials on YouTube, her site www.Patsythompsondesigns.com and both of their Craftsy classes . They are two of the most talented, creative quilters out there. I feel that the free motion swirling flowers were a direct result of Lori’s Dizzy Daisy motif and Patsy Thompson’s Plumify technique  from her Ultimate Free-Motion Feathers  on Craftsy . I love the movement in Patsy’s Plumify and at the same time love all the swirls thrown in on Lori’s Dizzy Daisy. The addition of the swirls, “Cs” and echo quilting make this an easy fill that is so pretty.

a picture ofFree motion flower swirls done in 40 wt Glide
I normally try to change the direction of the swirls, but my camera battery was dying while I was stitching……just too much distraction!

I thought I would do a quick tutorial on what I’m currently doing on this quilt……before time passes and I have to scratch my head and figure out the motif again! I will also add the drawing to my notebook of quick  designs that I like. It’s amazing when you thumb through how many you forget about!
I am loving the texture that the quilting is bringing to the white background areas on my quilt. Is it quilted to death?…..You bet!…. But if that isn’t your thing, simply change up the scale to a larger motif and cover even more real-estate on your quilt more quickly.

a picture of the free motion flower swirls and the texture it creates on my quilt
Close up of the texture this motif has on my white on white background

I hope all of you guys are getting in some great quilting time- I have sure missed talking with you all!


Free Motion Quilting Twisted Designs

I am sorry I’m a little late in getting this post out to you all. My lovely niece Erica has been visiting this week from western North Carolina and I have no excuse except that I have been playing and enjoying her company !

A picture of free motion quilting twisted  diamond design with pebbling in alternating diamonds stitchded in Superior Threads 60 wt. Bottom Line thread
free motion quilting twisted diamond design with pebbling stitched in Superior Threads 60 wt. Bottom Line thread

This is the last blog post in the free motion quilting  twisted design series. I was going to do another video, but in all honesty ….. I think you probably get the idea 🙂 . You can basically do any geometric shape with this free motion quilting technique, rulers just make your job so much easier!

a picture of twisted diamonds with pebbles drawn in-between

I think drawing always gets my  mojo going !  It’s interesting how different  the same design looks or feels  with different background fills in between.

a picture of a drawing of twisted diamonds with a fine line fill pattern in-between diamonds
I have also been seeing a lot of hexagons on quilts lately….what a great way to quilt them! Sometimes when I see those odd shapes I struggle to come up with ideas on ways to quilt them. I hope this is a free motion quilting design that you can file away in the ole memory banks to pullout next time you need something to fit unique spaces while adding great texture and movement.

a picture of a hexagon quilted using free motion quilting twisted design
twisted hexagon stitched in 40 wt Glide thread

Lastly I played with doing a fill on a heart shape. Granted it’s not a geometric shape, but I figured with all the curves of a heart, if I can fill this with this technique I think it shows you can use it to fill in anywhere around appliqués, embroideries, whatever!

a picture of a heart drawn on frabic that has lines drawn showing the segments that will later become a free motion quilting twisted design
using a curved ruler, I segmented the heart to create the framework for my design

I played with the heart for a while, and I have to say on really curvy spaces I found that using a curved ruler really made my job easier. I used the Accents in design 6 1/2″ ruler (the smallest curved ruler I own) and used it to divide my heart up into manageable pieces.
The top rounded curves of the heart required a little “fudging” as the angle of the curve is a little different and needs to be worked into the angle of whatever curved ruler you are using. I did play with using a straight ruler, but had to make my sections smaller, and felt that it looked a little more choppy.

a picture showing a free motion quilting twisted design in a heart stitched with Floriani 40 wt polyester variegated
free motion quilting twisted design in a heart stitched with Floriani 40 wt polyester variegated thread

I hope you have enjoyed these twisted designs. I love the way they look and felt it was great way to practice free motion quilting ruler work. Have you given this technique a try yet? Do you think you have a quilt that could use this motif  ??
Happy Quilting!